2018 AMSC AutoSOLO Challenge

In 2012 the Anglian AutoSOLO Challenge evolved following discussions between Eastern Counties Motor Club, Sporting Car Club of Norfolk and West Suffolk Motorsport Club.

The main aim was to tackle the decline of grass roots motor sport in East Anglia.
In 2013 Cambridge Car Club joined the AutoSOLO organising team.

In 2014 Falcon Motor Club joined the AutoSOLO organising team.

However  as the AutoSOLO rules are quite strict (vehicles must be taxed, tested and driven to the venue), the events ran initially under double Clubmans AutoSOLO / Autotest permits, in 2017 the decision was taken to run the events under triple Clubmans AutoSOLO / Autotest / Production Car Autotest permits and in 2018 the Production Car Autotest was added to the Challenge.

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